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With 20 years of experience Invu are leading suppliers of Document Management and Process Automation solutions for Social Housing. Invu has a successful track record of engaging with clients to establish the best solution for their requirements. Ranging from a simple Document Management solution to space and better manage document flow and approval, to providing Invoice Processing or Purchasing solutions that integrates with the existing finance and housing system. Our approach is centred around understanding what you want to achieve and ensuring that the solution is delivered effectively.

Invu solutions are designed to provide you with the ability to meet the many delivery and performance targets, manage the processing and archiving of documents generated each day and enable you to gain control of your financial processes creating a better quality of service for your tenants and suppliers.

Housing Associations are using our solutions to:

  • Improve Financial Control
  • Reduce Administration & Accounting Costs
  • Simplify Compliance
  • Raise Service Standards for Tenants and Suppliers
Adactus Housing – Invoice Processing

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What are the Benefits?

Invu provide solutions to help with the heavy influx of documentation, streamlining communications and records by reducing your reliance on paper documents and easing your information flow.

Key benefits include:

  • Ability to scale the operation and re-deploy staff into a more productive role for the company
  • Seamless integration with back office systems (ERP) reducing duplication of effort and provide easy access to documents
  • Automatic routing of documents for approval
  • Full visibility of documents throughout the process
  • Improved accuracy and speed of processing
  • Remove document/paper storage issues

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Customer Success Story – Derwent Living

Derwent Living, a not-for-profit organisation, focuses on the provision of excellent customer service and value for money. However, with on-site storage nearing its maximum and the manual processes generating greater workloads for staff, it was recognised that a change in processes was inevitable to control costs.

Derwent Living’s manual paper based processing was open to error with many invoices being lost or left on employee’s desks. The invoice approval process could often be long-winded with employees dispersed across different sites. In some cases, invoice approval could take days, especially where the original was not to hand. Worryingly, the current process could be open to fraud as invoices are manually authorised. This relies on the finance department checking hundreds of signatures, leaving room for error.

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Allan Jones, Hendre Ltd

" I can't think how we ever managed prior to Invu - it's become completely engrained in how we operate. All invoice approval is electronic. No invoice is ever lost. It's enabled us to reduce the time spent between receiving and paying invoices by at least 50% "