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Investor Calendar

Invu Plc’s year end is January 31st.

The latest annual general meeting of the Company was held on 30 July 2018. The next annual general meeting will be held on 25 July 2019 at 9:00 am.

Company Information

Corporate Profile

Invu Plc is incorporated in the UK (registered number 06283181).

Invu’s main country of operation is the UK.

Invu develops software that incorporates document management, content management, workflow, automation and collaboration specialising in solutions for the mid-market and smaller businesses.

Also known as the paperless office, Invu typically gives a return on investment in under six months, allowing companies to see efficiency savings in terms of both money and time. Invu’s Open Search integration allows SharePoint users to utilise fully the benefits of WSS or MOSS whilst retaining the functions of specialist document and content management. Invu’s solutions enable automated scan, capture and management, processing and output transformation. Invu also integrates with all major accounting systems including ERP and CRM systems.

This investor relations section of the website was last updated on 3 December 2013.

Documents & Announcements

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Articles of Association (last amended 2015)

Invu Plc – Memorandum of Association

Share Information

Full details of the share capital of Invu plc are included in the latest annual report.

The Company’s securities are not traded, and it has not applied or agreed to have any of its securities admitted or traded, on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

BritDAQ offers a share matching service, operated by Walker Crips Stockbrokers Limited, which enables shareholders to buy or sell ordinary shares in the company. Should you wish to buy or sell Invu Plc shares, please register with BritDAQ at, and apply for Gold membership, which is free of charge. Gold members can see live bids and offers in Invu Plc shares.

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Prior to 2 December 2013 the ordinary shares of £0.001 each were quoted on the Alternative Investment Market ([LSE, AIM, Symbol: INVU) of the London Stock Exchange. As at 29 November 2013 the last day of trading on AIM the company had been notified of the following beneficial interests in 3% or more of the company’s ordinary shares:




Mr D Goldman*



Tyne & Wear Holdings Limited*



Mrs C P Goldman



GRL Partners, L.P.



Mr J.N.D. Stelzer



Herald Investment Management



*The beneficial interest of Mr D Goldman, who is the non-executive chairman of the Company, comprises 5,000 ordinary shares held directly in his own name, 797, 959 ordinary shares held in a joint account with his brother Mr A Goldman, the Tyne & Wear Holdings Limited shareholding of 25,571,216 ordinary shares (shown above) and 3,176,948 ordinary shares owned by Magpie Investments Limited.