Invu Netscan

A simple but effective document import solution. Netscan is ideal for automatically importing individual documents, which may have been generated by third-party applications and devices, into the Invu Document Management software. It enables the extraction of simple indexing data from a document filename, opening up time-saving opportunities to automatically index individual documents.

Netscan is provided free of charge to all customers with the Invu Document Management software.

Invu Link Manager

Invu Link Manager

Link Manager is a powerful and cost-effective integration technology, which allows documents and data from your day to day operations to be automatically captured and indexed into the Invu Document Management software.

It is particularly effective where documents are produced automatically and in volume, examples of such include purchase orders, invoices, mail-merged letters and account-generated letters.

With no need for expensive programmatical solutions, Link Manager is a highly scalable technology that can import large volumes of documents and data without manual intervention.


Invu CodeFree

Our range of CodeFree modules allows you to directly integrate the Invu Document Management software into the user interface of your other applications.

From adding a search button to your CRM system, through to populating indexing data directly from a finance system, CodeFree provides a flexible integration solution without the use of any bespoke code.


Andy McNab, Nedgroup Trust Limited

" The integration of Invu with our back-offi­ce systems, particularly in conjunction with workflow saves us time with every client. Nedgroup deals in higher than average volumes so that makes for a major e­fficiency saving. "