Document Management

What does it do?

Managing document storage is often a daunting task. Not only do you need to make sure documents are stored securely, you also need to enable your users to find them again quickly. All whilst ensuring sensitive documents are only seen by those with a genuine need to do so.

Alongside these challenges, business-critical emails arrive at an ever-increasing rate, resulting in crucial data ending up siloed and uncontrolled in individual user inboxes.

Invu Document Management software provides the solution. A single, compliant and fully text searchable repository of information that can store and index almost any type of document.

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Why is it unique?

For over 20 years, Invu's document management solutions have helped businesses from a wide variety of sectors manage their document storage challenges.

We provide a robust, scalable and flexible Document Management software platform which integrates easily into your business.

Alongside our software we’ve also built up a wealth of sector specific experience in delivering transformational document management projects.

What are the benefits of Invu Document Management?

Enhanced Customer Service

Find documents in seconds. Provide quick, accurate responses to questions leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Manage Storage

Create a single source of information. Reduce uncontrolled document duplication and configure policies to ensure documents are only retained where justified.

Streamline Document Distribution

Allow individuals or groups within your business to collaborate on a single, version controlled copy of a document.

Save Money

Slash the hidden costs of managing documents within your business. Enable staff to be more productive and make better decisions.

Search & Audit

Improve Document Discoverability

Powerful OCR technologies allow searching within the content of documents across your business. You can even search within the content of a document which is attached to an email.

Enhanced Security

Get GDPR compliant. Ensure you control and audit access to all documents, especially those containing personally identifiable data.

Architects Benevolent Society
Invu has made the transition from paper to electronic document management a hassle free exercise.
Robert Ball, IT & Property Manager - Architects Benevolent Society
Invu has become an integral part of our processes and the company continues to provide innovative ideas which suit our evolving requirements.
Dean Wragg, Director and Chief Operating Officer - BRI Wealth Management

Want to know more details?

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Who Is Invu?

Founded in 1997, Invu develops Electronic Document Management (eDM), Accounts Payable (AP) and Purchasing solutions for a range of sectors, particularly those which are highly document dependent or where compliance is important.

Invu is a Microsoft Gold Partner as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). The company and products, therefore, meet the stringent requirements of the Microsoft Partner Program introduced in 2010.

Invu partners with a range of software vendors such as ABBYY, a data capture, recognition and extraction tool provider whose FlexiCapture technology sits at the heart of many Invu solutions and IRIS, that supplies Invu Document Management to around 20% of the top 100 UK practices as the IRIS Accountancy Solutions document management product of choice.


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