Accounts Payable

What does it do?

Invu offers a fully automated Accounts Payable solution to bring visibility, control and efficiency to your organisation's invoice processing.

Invu’s AP solution is about recognising liabilities in good time and being in a position to choose when you settle them. You set the payments agenda rather than having to react to late payment demands.

Using invoice capture & data extraction tools our solution can automatically pull information from invoices to drive an electronic and automated invoice payment process.

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Why is it unique?

You have the ability to capture both header and line item data, and it fully adapts to how your specific business works. You can also implement 3-way-matching!

With Invu’s automated Accounts Payable system, you can easily see what stage each invoice is at in the approval process and can handle invoices a lot quicker than with a manual process.

It also comes with a fully integrated Document Management system which can be used companywide. This allows you to effortlessly search and access relevant correspondence and cut paper usage.

This all leads to a simpler way to process invoices, faster responses to supplier queries and the added capability for straightforward auditing of your finances!

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Invu Capture

Automatically capture all incoming invoices that are emailed in or scanned to a filing system. Relevant data is captured from the documents, saving you time and preventing any processing errors.


This directs the invoice around the company based off your approval matrix and the appropriate budget holder. No more lost invoices!


Once the approval process is complete, all invoices can then be posted to your finance system, reducing data entry.

Search & Audit

All invoices and correspondence are stored in a central repository, allowing you to easily find and access them when they are needed, making auditing simple.

Metrus Property Advisors
The speed in which we could file and retrieve invoices using the system made a massive time saving.
Martin Veness, Head of Accounts - Metrus
I can’t think how we ever managed prior to Invu – it’s become completely engrained in how we operate.
Allan Jones, Information Systems Manager - Hendre

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Who Is Invu?

Founded in 1997, Invu develops Electronic Document Management (eDM), Accounts Payable (AP) and Purchasing solutions for a range of sectors, particularly those which are highly document dependent or where compliance is important.

Invu is a Microsoft Gold Partner as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). The company and products, therefore, meet the stringent requirements of the Microsoft Partner Program introduced in 2010.

Invu partners with a range of software vendors such as ABBYY, a data capture, recognition and extraction tool provider whose FlexiCapture technology sits at the heart of many Invu solutions and IRIS, that supplies Invu Document Management to around 20% of the top 100 UK practices as the IRIS Accountancy Solutions document management product of choice.


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