South Northamptonshire has built a reputation as a technology hub around its association with fast cars and Silverstone.

Invu Services Limited is a software company based in Blisworth. Invu is focussed on the need for speed in a very different domain, business processes enhancements.

Invu started business in the late nineties as an innovator in the paperless revolution. It has continued to innovate, offering solutions that include workflows that enable automation of business processes, and has begun moving these into the cloud.

Improving efficiency, control and visibility of back-office activities may not have the glamour of motor racing, but the performance improvements have been no less impressive.

In the same period that the lap record at Silverstone has been reduced from 1:29.2 to 1:26.6, Invu has introduced solutions that enable a tenfold improvement in the processing times of large numbers of supplier invoices (a time reduction from a month to days).

Making the change

There are currently 1,200 small and medium-sized businesses using Invu’s software and services looking for speed, and, just like in motor racing safety, security and data are critical.

They need to respond to customers quickly and reliably and have the right information in front of the right people at the right time. This requires speedy retrieval of the latest version of documents, access controls (limiting on a need to know basis), robust external security and an audit trail showing who has access to what and when.

Keeping the car on the track is important in racing, just as staying in business is critical for a company. This requires control over expenditure and cash flow. Invu’s purchasing and accounts payable solutions ensure that the business is both in control and paying suppliers on time.

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This article was originally posted in the Business Times.