Learn about the latest changes to Invu's integration technology

Invu Document Management does not exist in a vacuum. Fundamentally, our core remit is to store and protect your documents and we are not directly responsible for much new content generation. In practice, this means that virtually every document that we store starts life somewhere else.

Consequently, it has always been critically important for us to reduce any friction involved in getting documents or data into Invu. With the latest Invu Document Management 6.14 release, we have made some key improvements to both of our core system integration technologies, Netscan and Link Manager. In turn, these changes lay out a roadmap for us to further streamline these technologies in future releases.

Netscan is our “hot folder” technology. It watches nominated folders 24/7 for new documents. As soon as documents appear, it moves them to a fixed predetermined location such as a user’s intray. It is a key way that some of our customers automatically capture output from third-party devices and systems.

But during a customer engagement session, we made a key discovery. While customers loved the fact that they could bring documents into Invu automatically and on a large scale, it was slightly frustrating that the systems generating these files might put all the information required to index them into the filename. But the Netscan process still required a user to manually index documents from an intray.

Acting on this feedback, we have made a key change to Netscan: it now allows you to automatically index documents based solely on information contained in the filename, thus no manual interaction required. At scale, this represents a huge timesaving and one particular customer believes it will “fundamentally” transform their usage of Invu.

Link Manager, in contrast, has always been able to perform dynamic indexing actions, but it requires a CSV or XML file to provide it with the necessary data. This works brilliantly in most situations, but as we strive to keep tightening our integrations with third-party systems, it became clear that some scenarios might require us to go directly to a database rather than a file.

Again, we listened to customer feedback, and have now enabled Link Manager to get its data directly from a database query. Whilst the actions for database lookups are currently limited to updating fixed list data, this lays the groundwork for exciting future developments in this area, so stay tuned.

Integration for us is just as much about understanding the needs of our customers as it is about the technology behind the solution. We really want to hear about your integration stories. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve our integration technologies or any other aspects of our products, please email product@invu.net as we would love to hear about them.

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